" Adopting just one greyhound won't change the world, but the world will surely change for that one greyhound."
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Canine Fun Days

Metroparks Polo Fields, Moreland Hills
Corner of Rt 87 (South Woodland) and Chagrin River Rd.
You can Mapquest by typing in Polo Fields, Moreland Hills OH 44022
to get close use 100 South Woodland Road, Moreland Hills OH 44022



Hi, Everyone!
I'm writing about our annual Canine Fun Days (CFD) event, held each August, at the Metroparks Polo Field, in Moreland Hills. After much thought, we have decided to forego Canine Fun Days, for 2015.  This fantastic event has grown, for the past 22 years, from 32 dogs at a picnic, to the largest outdoor event, in the state (with attendance in the thousands), where visitors can bring their own dogs for a weekend of activities. As you probably know, an event of this magnitude takes hundreds of hours and more than 200 volunteers, to accomplish.  Never could we have imagined, in those early days, that CFD would grown into what it has become!
As the organization has grown, so have the number of greyhounds coming into the program and going on to new homes.  As the number of dogs has increased, so, too, have the numbers of visitors, interviews, hours spent caring for the dogs, dogs boarding, etc. As always, our first responsibility is to the dogs that are the reason we're here and our former greyhound residents who stay with us when their families go away. We are here to ensure that our adoptees go on to wonderful lives, with kind and loving families, and that the boarders look forward to coming through our door. In March and April, we took in approximately 45 dogs, far surpassing what we've done in the past.  In the past two weeks, FOURTEEN greyhounds have gone to new homes or been chosen by families, to go after their surgery is completed.  This is an incredible number of dogs to be placed in such a short period of time. 
As those who work on this event know, Canine Fun Days always consumes my summer and although I've always managed to work on the event and do what needs to be done for the dogs, I have realized that we just can't do it, this year, with so many dogs going through our group. We will regroup in the fall to see about 2016.
Thank you for your support!
J. Linda Perko
Greyhound Adoption of Ohio, Inc.
7122 Country Lane
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023



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