" Adopting just one greyhound won't change the world, but the world will surely change for that one greyhound."
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Welcome to Greyhound Adoption of Ohio!

Greyhound Adoption of Ohio is the largest and oldest greyhound adoption organization in the state of Ohio. At the time of our inception, in 1993, greyhounds were rarely seen in Ohio. Today, you'll see greyhounds nearly everywhere you go. Greyhounds make WONDERFUL pets!


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Adoptable Greyhounds (greyhound-data)

If you submit your application and don't hear from us within 72 hours, please e-mail Susan Anderson, Adoption Coordinator at susananderson526@hotmail.com

We ask that you please make an appointment to visit the kennel rather than just stopping in. That way we can ensure someone will be there to help you!



If you're interested in adopting a former racing greyhound, please fill out the application on this site and forward it to us. (Filling out an application is not an obligation to adopt.) You'll then be contacted to arrange your initial interview visit, to talk with us and to obtain some additional information. We ask anyone interested in adopting to read the book, Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies. This is, overall, a very good primer about adopting a greyhound. If you have children under the age of 10, we ask you to read Childproofing Your Dog, by Brian Kilcommons, in preparation for adoption.

If you're not sure that greyhound adoption is right for you we have periodic events and meet & greets where you can see greyhounds and their families. See Meet & Greet and Current Events pages for dates and times.

GAO uses foster homes only on a limited basis, such as when the kennel is overcrowded or for special needs dogs. We feel that asking a dog to bond with a family and adapt to their ways, only to pull him or her out of that situation to go to another home is not the best way for us to accomplish our adoptions.

Our goal, at GAO, is to place our greyhounds with loving, committed families where they will live safe and secure for the rest of their lives. To that end, GAO offers support to help your dog transition into his or her new life and throughout the life of your pet. Greyhounds have never been alone and, while they can do fine as an only dog, if you have no other dogs at home, your new greyhound will be much happier if he or she has a friend.

If you can't adopt a greyhound, there are many ways you can help. You can make a monetary donation, donate items on our wish list, sponsor a greyhound or lend your expertise in a variety of ways. For additional information, please contact the appropriate person on our Contact Us page.

We welcome you to the wonderful world of retired racing greyhounds! May it be as rewarding for you as it is for us!

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